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Your Partner in Treatment Compliance

Aside from having the first and only fully-integrated and comprehensive waste management facility in the country, Cleanway has earned the respect of local authorities (DENR, PEZA, LLDA, LGU) and the recognition of international organizations (UKAS Environmental Managenent, Anglo-Japanese American Registrars and ASANZ), thus warranting its ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 4001:2004 accreditations.
Pursuant to RA 6969, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, certain chemicals may pose unreasonable risk to public health and the environment, if left untreated or disposed inappropriately.
Transport and Collection
R&D Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory
Solvent Recovery Facility
Biomedical Waste Facility
Physico Chemical Facility
Decontamination, Destruction and Recovery Facility
Bulb Crushing Facility
Clean Clave Boiler/ Thermal Destruction Facility
Wastewater Treatment Facility
Solidification and Stabilization Facility
Bioremediation / Landfarming Facility
Anaerobic Digester Facility
Composting Facility
Secure Landfill 1
Secure Landfill 2
Secure Landfill 3

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

CEMSI abides by the strict policy of giving utmost importance to the health and safety of its employees and persons directly or indirectly involved with or affected by its day-to-day operations. CEMSI believes that Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality are of equal importance, and should not be compromised by the activities that are or will be employed to achieve its business objectives. CEMSI ensures that all employees would be fully committed to control and when possible eliminate the occurrence of accidents, illnesses, and damage to property and environment at all times. It is the duty and responsibility of every officer or employee to possess and develop the necessary attitudes and behavior to promote this policy.