Company Policy on Safety, Health and Environment

It is the policy of Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions Inc. to conduct its operations in such a way as to protect the safety and health of its employees and other persons directly or indirectly affected by its day-to-day activities, and to prevent the damage to property and environment.

We believe that Safety, Health, and Environment protection are of equal importance with our business objectives; and that controlling accidents, illnesses, damage to property, and the environment requires strong commitment from Management and its employees. Responsibility for Safety, Health, and Environment protection rests with all members of the organization.

It is the duty of every employee to practice and develop behavior that promotes and adheres to this policy. At the same time, it is the management’s concern to ensure they have the required skills and support to achieve Safety, Health, and Environment objectives.

Gerard R. HernandezChief
Operating Officer
August 1, 2017. Rev.02