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Who are we?

The first and only fully-integrated and comprehensive waste management facility in the country, Cleanway has earned the respect of local authorities (DENR, PEZA, DOH,  LLDA, LGU) and the recognition of international organizations (UKAS Environmental Management, Anglo-Japanese American Registrars, JAS-ANZ and now, SOCOTEC Certification Internation), thus warranting its ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001;2018 accreditations.

CEMSI continues to strengthen its geographical presence by extending its reach to industries in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, in response to the growing need for comprehensive hazardous waste management. Facilities are strategically located in various parts of the country to provide the best and most adequate complementary solutions and services in support of the environment.

To further promote sustainable waste management, we can provide our clients with a Total Waste Management Service. We can customize a waste management program driven by multiple objectives, from reducing waste via proper disposal, there are other sustainable ways to create new revenue streams for the company. In essence, total waste management refers to a relationship in which your waste partner handles all of your hazardous, non-hazardous and recoverable (scrap) waste streams under one contract through a convenient single point of contact.


Cleanway’s BEST (Best Environmental Solutions Technique)

This is Total Waste Management Service. Through the Collection, Treatment and Disposal  Program, we are providing an integrated health and safety services. Cleanway is an expert in compliance, how to reuse waste and byproducts, and the latest waste management technology. We fill in the gaps of client’s operation and have the knowledge to take their waste from generation to final disposal while adhering to regulatory compliance requirements.  We can assure our clients to:

1. Implement a standard and effective disinfection system whenever required for decontamination;

2. Proper and well-documented collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes; and,

3. Allow the client to understand their operations more in terms of waste produced, waste streams, quantities reused or recycled, and the value of these wastes.

Total Waste Management Service consolidates all that data in one place, so the client doesn’t need to spend time pulling data from many different sources. This consolidation makes it easier to track how well we are meeting the waste goals. 

Cleanway is a DENR-accredited TSD company and is now an established Producer Responsible Organization (PRO) under the Extended Producers Responsibility Act of 2022. We can assist in organizing your EPR Compliance Program.

With this program, companies can focus more on their core business while their partner works on reducing their waste. This ensures regulatory compliance, finding beneficial reuse options, and lowering the total cost of handling the waste. With Cleanway as your partner, this is the BEST program for you.


Our Services

CEMSI offers comprehensive services through its fully integrated waste management services.

  • Disinfection

  • Transport and Collection

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Storage

  • Waste Treatment

  • Proper Disposal

  • Cleanway’s BEST (Best Environmental Solutions Technique)


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