Hazardous Waste Acceptance

Cyanide Waste
A101 – Waste with Cyanide

Acid Wastes
B201 – Sulfuric acid
B202 – Hydrochloric acid
B203 – Nitric acid
B204 – Phosphoric acid
B205 – Hydrofluoric acid
B206 – Mixture of sulphuric & hydrochloric acid
B207 – Other inorganic acid
B208 – Organic acid
B299 – Other acid wastes

Alkali Wastes
C301 – Caustic soda
C302 – Potash
C303 – Alkaline cleaners
C304 – Ammonium hydroxide
C305 – Lime slurries
C399 – Other alkali wastes

Wastes with Inorganic Chemicals
D401 – Selenium and its compounds
D402 – Arsenic and its compounds
D403 – Barium and its compounds
D404 – Cadmium and its compounds
D405 – Chromium compounds
D406 – Lead compounds
D407 – Mercury and mercury compounds
D499 – Other wastes with inorganic chemicals


Reactive Chemical Wastes
E501 – Oxidizing agents
E502 – Reducing agents
E599 – Highly reactive chemicals

Inks/Dyes/Pigments/Paint/Latex/Adhesives/Organic Sludge
F601 – Aqueous based
F602 – Solvent based
F603 – Inorganic pigments
F604 – Resinous Materials
F699 – Other mixed

Waste Organic Solvent
G703 – Halogenated organic solvents
G704 – Non-halogenated organic solvents

Putrescible/Organic Wastes
H802 – Grease trap waste
I101-I104 – Wate Oils
J201 – Containers
K301-K303 – Stabilized Wastes

L401-L402 – Organic Chemicals

Miscellaneous Wastes
M501 – Pathological waste
M502 – Asbestos waste
M503 – Pharmaceuticals and drugs
M504 – Pesticides
M505 – POPs waste
M506 – WEEE
M507 – Special wastes

Fully Integrated Facilities

Transport and Collection

R&D Laboratory

Analytical Laboratory


The Hydroclave

Cleanclave System

Thermal Oxidizer

Physico Chemical Facility

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Anaerobic Digester Facility

Decontamination, Destruction and Recovery Facility

Bioremediation / Landfarming and Composting Facility

Solvent Recovery Facility

Bulb Crushing Facility

Solidification and Stabilization Facility

Special Projects

Secure Landfill 1

Secure Landfill 2