CEMSI’s CSR reached out to deserving students

CEMSI and Maguyam Elementary School Enviro-art Contest
Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions Inc., together with Maguyam Elementary School launched an environmental-art contest last November 2021. With the current local school needs, online education is still a great challenge for the local community. A mix of module and online classes are held, but not all students can attend the online classes given the economic limitations. Helping students cope with the changing times, Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. delivered a simple Christmas Program for the students: Ano ang Pamasko mo para sa Inang Kalikasan?   The program aims to highlight a campaign against the increasing plastic waste due to the pandemic. Our use of face masks, face shields, delivery packaging and take out materials have increased the volume of wastes. With this theme in their artworks, students may gain environment consciousness in drawing the effects of this problem in the environment and show how can they contribute to lessen the use of plastics in their homes. As an output, the project highlighted our shared responsibilities in protecting that environment that will be reflected from our household responsibilities. Selected student winners won brand new smart phones for their online classes. #CEMSIadvocacy
CEMSI Art Contest 2021