MOA Signing between CEMSI and LUMC

Corporate News Archives City of San Fernando, LA UNION — Cleanway Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. (CEMSI) and the Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) signed today an agreement for the provision of hazardous waste storage facility within La Union Medical Center (LUMC) premises. The MOA signed by CEMSI Chairman Herminio Esguerra and La Union Governor Francisco Emmanuel “Pacoy” Ortega Ill includes the construction of two container vans at no cost to the provincial government, and provision of plastic drums and yellow bins for the storage of collected wastes from healthcare facilities in La Union and its neighboring provinces. eWe are happy to seal this partnership with the local government of La Union and take part in their campaign for effective hospital waste management,” says the CEMSI Chairman. “It is always our pleasure to put our expertise to use and be able to help solve the garbage woes of our country.” CEMSI also signified their commitment to provide awareness orientations on healthcare waste management for the pollution control officers and hazardous waste transporters of the PGLU and LUMC. Last August 2017, CEMSI and PGLU also entered into an agreement for medical waste management of LUMC and other district hospitals in the province, to comply with the requirement set by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for hazardous waste generators. CEMSI is an ISO-certified company with DENR-accredited treatment, storage and disposal facilities for proper handling, collection, transport, treatment, storage and disposal of various hazardous wastes.
MOA between CEMSI and LUMC La Union